Important landmarks within Tandalja


It is the main entry and exit point to the Tandalja from Old Padra Road. One of the most important landmark. Croma at Old Padra Road is the adjacent and a part of Tandalja.


One of the main and old landmark which is having market within Tandalja. Mariyan Complex is having various shops of Apparel – Men, Women and Kids. Nowadays, it does having few gold jewelers shops and Hospitals.

Main hospital near Mariyam complex is Ansar Hospital which runs on charity basis only. It also have recently opened Baroda City Hospital too. Both the hospital are opened 24 x 7.


Patrakar Chowkdi is also known as JP Police Station Cross Road. It is a Main hub within Tandalja which connect whole area. All four roads leads to

  • Tandalja Road to Rajvee Tower via Basil School
  • Second one connecting to Sun Pharma Road
  • Third one connecting Tandalja with Vasna Road
  • Fourth one leading Tandalja Village


Kismat chowkdi is nowadays mid point of Tandalja. After an expansion of the area, Kismat Chowkdi has become the new cross road. All the new development is taking place surrounding to the Kismat Chowkdi. Mostly all the upcoming projects – Villas and Apartment is coming up near Kismat Chowkdi which is little inside but having new connected roads.

Kismat Chowkdi is also too crowded nowadays and lot of eateries and other relevant shops have come up. It is nicely connected with the adjoining and upcoming projects at the western part of the vadodara – Few area are listed at the end of the article.


Sunpharma chowkdi is another three road junction and nicely developed. It is a Main road connecting Sun Pharma Road to Tandalja and Vasna Road. Western Part of Vadodara is the biggest and new hub for Vadodara nowadays.

HCG Cancer Hospital and Zydus Hospital are the major Hospital on the Sun Pharma Road at Vadodara. This road runs parallel to the Tandalja Road behind the Tandala.

Sun Pharma road also connect Tandalja with other areas / talukas – Padra, Atladra, Bill, GIDC Makarpura, Kalali etc.,


Vasna Road and DMART junction is the major cross road nowadays. Most of the eateries / non veg restaurants are on the lane connecting JP Police station to the DMART Cross Road. This circle is having DMART Grocery store which is the hub for shopping daily routine items.

All the major developments are happening on the western part of vadodara are directly connected to the Tandalja. It is also called – New Vadodara and some area is known are New Alkapuri which is the landmark for major property projects within the vadodara.


Back side of the Tandalja where all the new villas and apartments are located is known as New Tandalja. These areas is majorly having new construction with vertical development – Flats. Properties within New Tandalja is comparatively cheaper than the Tandalja. Main Cross Road for the New Tandalja is also known at Kismat Chowkdi.

Tandalja is nicely connected with the following areas within the radius of few kilometers.

  • Sun Pharma Road
  • Vasna Road
  • Bhayli – Vasna Road
  • Gotri – Bhayli Road
  • New Tandalja
  • Bill Village
  • Atladara Road
  • Kalali Road
  • Bhyali
  • Gotri