Date – 23-03-2023

Ramzan Kareem is starting from today evening. Ramzan preparation was started since last week. Globally Muslims are always waiting for the Holy month.

Famous quotes within Islam is,

“Islam runs on imitation and not intellect”. We follow Huzur SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM’s Sunnah and worship as per the Quran and Hadith.


Lots of YouTube videos and Whatsapp university messages / videos are getting circulated in day to day life about Islam. Lot of YouTubers are circulating fake and sensational information to get subscribers / followers and views on their video.

Always watch and believe authentic contents which has a reference within Quran and Hadith.

Food and Health within Ramzan

Currently covid cases are also increasing within India. New variants cases are constantly increasing, currently H3N2 virus infections are also increasing. To avoid contamination, Always clean your hands to prevent the spread of germs and infections. Cleanliness of Home, Society and your area is of prime importance.

• Always eat healthy and home foods.
• Don’t eat too much.
• Don’t unhealthy and non-hygienic food
• Avoid Oily foods

Time Management within Ramzan

Manage the timings of work activity without loosing focus.

Business person should manage their working hours.
Salaried should always remain punctual without excuses.
Students should constantly strive to score more as their annual exams are also falling within Ramzan this year. Reading at hungry stomach will give more productivity.

Irrespective of your age and work activity, productivity should remain constant or it can increases.

Nutshell : – Focus on Ibaadat, health and activity (Business / Job / Study) – Avoid unusual things – Mainly – Roaming and Gossip