Vadodara Parent Association started their journey in April 2017 for implementation of FRC approved School fees.

Since last 06 years they are representing the parents of Vadodara and trying their level best on Government approved fees implementation.

During pandemic VPA realizes the prevailing economic condition and started Book Exchange Fair in year April 2021. Initial response was very high and parents demanded to have it again before starting of the academic year – 2022, they repeated it again in May 2021.

Since than it is routine activity every year to organize the Book Exchange Mela twice annually.

Last 02 years success and experience, VPA team have realize to have a separate Month and Date for CBSE and GSEB because academic year end in March and May respectively.

This year they have fixed 26th March, 2023 for CBSE – Book Exchange Mela.

What is Book Exchange Fair / Mela and How it works?

Usually, Parents purchase the new books for Kid from Market. Depending on the school, they incur 3000/- to 8,000/- cost for each child. On the other hand, most of these books reaches to the scrap. Printing new books need more papers and tree, has a direct impact on the Environment.

Book exchange fair has a dual benefit of Cost and Environmental attached to it.

1000s of parents and students are directly / indirectly associated with Vadodara Parents Association. They started organizing the Book Exchange Fair.

Based on give and take modelOne parent can give the previous year books to others and take the forthcoming academic year book from others. 100s of parents are gathering at the venue and exchange the books during the 5 hours on pre schedule Sunday.

VPA facilitates the standard wise arrangement wherein Inward and Outwards are maintained. Smooth process and disciplines are an important aspect during execution. Vadodara Parent Association neither purchase / sale the books but every year it benefits 1000s of parents.

Even few doctors, entrepreneurs and philanthropist have also approached Vadodara Parent Association to make it bigger success. Various medical and engineering students and their parents have also approached to arrange it for colleges as well. But currently the VPA is focused on School kids only.

Every academic year, MRP of book exchange during book fair is nearby one crore. This year Parent Association has started the preparation of 5th Book Exchange fair event before 02 month.

📚Book Exchange Fair- 2023📚
Date : 26th March 2023
Day : Sunday
Time : 11 am – 4 pm

Venue :- Vakal Seva Kendra,
Opp Vadodara Stock Exchange
Besides Parsi Agyari, Sayajiganj, Vadodara.

For more inquires – Vadodara Parent Association can be reached at 9499799196 on phone and whatsapp.