Fake CORONA NEWS – To disrupt the business of New York Bakers, Sun Pharma Road

July 21, 2020 Gujarati Version

During CORONA pandemic, social media is used to harm the Businesses by spreading rumours. Whatsapp and Facebook are used for such fake news.

In the month of March, when rumors about CHICKEN got spread at national level stating that – CORONA is spreading by eating CHICKEN, which had leads to the loss of more than ₹10,000 crore to the Business owners within the country.

Same way, to harm the local establish businesses in the market fake news are circulated through local media, WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp contact and Facebook. It is known as negative marketing strategies.

What is negative marketing?

Negative marketing can spark a fear in their consumers mind. It is an unethical strategy that keeps their competitors in a bad light.

GF-04 ,Mehfuz Complex, Nr Mariam complex, Tandalja, Vadodara

Fake News: – The report of the entire staff of New York Bakers is positive

Fake news at Local Level

On the afternoon of July 09, 2020 – Same sort of unethical messages are circulated in the Whataspp group of Vadodara – Specifically on the Western Part of the city – Targeting local customers to harm the business of NewYork Bakers. One newspaper also flashed the details without name of Business.

On July 11, 2020 – Health department team from Urban Health Centre located at Tandalja have done the screening of all the staff of New York Bakers and ensure that everything is fine.

Owner Mr. Firoz, has taken all the precautionary steps to counter the fake news and save the business.

  • He has given disclosure within the local newspaper.
  • Local Radio Channel has also reconfirm the things with him on phone.
  • Owner has viral counter video against fake allegation
  • Open the manufacturing facility for public to check the reality.

Even they have approached the relevant police department so they can find out the source of the rumor. Mr. Firoz is waiting to know the source of rumors so they can take legal action against responsible(s).

Now, again same rumors are again getting viral from July 20, 2020 on various whatsApp groups.

Appeal from Tandalja.com –

  • Please do not spread the fake news – Cross verify before forwarding it.
  • If you have received any such fake message about NewYork Bakery without the forward tag in whatsapp – Call NewYork bakers on 9924840602 / reach us at 9409266781.

We at Tandalja.com are committed to help the local business owners. In line with that, we met the owner of the bakery and understood the sequences and impact of fake news.

Disclaimer: – All the above information is provided to us by owner of the NewYork Bakers and it is 100% authentic as on date – July 21, 2020.

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